Recruitment tips


Recruitment tips

Posted on 13 July 2021

Recruitment and hiring decisions are big choices - perhaps the biggest that anyone make in business. Because we all know that people are any good organisations most valuable asset.

Why would you ever accept poor hiring decisions and I know first hand that L&D professionals hate being used as a remedy for mistakes made by hiring managers. Worse still putting the right person in the wrong job impacts not only the individual you hire, but their family and ultimately everyone else that works in the organisation..... and don't get me started on the costs! Here's a few tips that the CIPD offer to help you make better hiring decisions.

Ask yourself what you really need

It can be tempting to think in general terms or stereotypes when trying to fill a vacancy. Although it might feel ‘obvious’ for example that an applicant would need a detailed knowledge of your sector, is that really the case when you already have a number of experts on the team? What about the need for people to have a degree or ‘significant’ experience? Remember, every requirement you list potentially narrows the field of applicants and might be making your job harder rather than easier. The old adage of hiring for attitude and training for skills often rings true, and to base your decisions on that, you need to attract people in the first place. 

Think carefully about where to advertise
Different advertising platforms have different advantages. Online tends to be cheap, but adverts can get overlooked when listed alongside hundreds of others. Conversely, traditional print press might seem redundant but still works effectively in many cases and initial quotes can often be haggled down. Don’t forget to also make use of free social media and leverage your network to help promote your vacancy even further. 

Language matters in your advert – keep it reasonable and ‘open’
Requiring candidates to have ‘exceptional communication skills’, ‘cutting edge IT knowledge’ or ‘sophisticated business savvy’ for a minimum wage administrator role is not going to do anything to help you get the right candidate. Avoid vague and potentially gendered language such as ‘gravitas’, ‘bubbly personality’ or ‘energetic’. If you keep the language simple, factual and clear you will avoid people misinterpreting what you are looking for. Attempting to narrow the field at the advertising stage is a blunt tool, and, frankly, just too hard. It is far better to get as many applications as you can and then use the shortlisting and interview stage to narrow the candidates down.

Every contact with a potential candidate is an opportunity to promote your business and develop your brand!!
Even if somebody isn’t going to be right for you, make a point of treating them well and thanking them for the time they have taken. A candidate who has a bad experience of your hiring process could share that with as many as 20 or 30 other people. Make a point of giving everybody who has taken the time to express an interest in working for you as good an experience as you can and make them want to apply to work for you again in the future or even become a customer.

There is no magic formula to get hiring decisions right, and the truth is that luck plays a role. By following these tips though you should be able to avoid some of the more common mistakes and load the odds of getting a great hire in your favour.​

The Radian Resourcing team have a wealth of recruitment experience and are here to guide you through your recruitment decisions. Contact us today for a free and confidential discussion.

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